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Practicing Inclusion, Non-Discriminatory Attitudes, and Embracing Diversity

ECTA Executive Counselling and Training Academy 1 Kay Siang Road #08-01/02, Singapore

  This week, I had the immense pleasure of giving a guest lecture at the ECTA Executive Counselling and Training Academy in Singapore, speaking to the budding counsellors of tomorrow. What a fantastic batch of students—everything a visiting lecturer could wish for! From the get-go, the class was alive with diversity, curiosity, and an open-minded attitude. The level of participation was outstanding, with a host of thought-provoking questions that kept me on my toes. It wasn’t all serious; there was plenty of fun and laughter, making the experience truly memorable. Special thanks to the ever inspiring Dr. Jessica Leong for the invitation and to Annu for seamlessly managing all the logistics of our hybrid lecture. Their efforts ensured everything went smoothly, allowing us to focus on the heart of the discussion: practicing inclusion, non-discriminatory attitudes, and embracing diversity. In today’s world, and especially in our multiracial Singapore, where we pride ourselves on our multicultural and racial background, it’s crucial never to take these values for granted. Creating a safe space in counselling is paramount, yet many overlook the significance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). As counsellors, understanding and embodying these principles is the need of the hour. It’s not just about ticking boxes but genuinely fostering environments where everyone feels valued and heard. The students at ECTA demonstrated a keen awareness of this, and I’m confident they will carry these lessons forward in their careers. Remember, embracing diversity isn’t just a professional duty; it’s a way to enrich our own lives and those of others. Let’s continue to champion these values in every interaction, every session, and every community we touch. Cheers to a future of more inclusive, understanding, and compassionate counselling!