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PTSD & Complex Trauma

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma can have profound and lasting effects on an individual’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. While PTSD often results from a single traumatic event, complex trauma typically arises from prolonged or repeated exposure to distressing experiences, such as childhood abuse, domestic violence, or chronic neglect. These conditions can lead to a range of symptoms, including anxiety, flashbacks, emotional numbness, and difficulties in relationships. Individual counselling offers a structured and supportive approach to help individuals understand, manage, and heal from these deep-seated impacts. Individual Counselling for PTSD and Complex Trauma At Listening Ear Counselling & Consultancy Pte Ltd, I provide specialized individual counselling for those suffering from PTSD and complex trauma. My service is designed to offer a safe, empathetic, and supportive environment where individuals can work through their traumatic experiences, develop coping mechanisms, and reclaim their lives. Here’s how I can assist:
  • Understanding Trauma and Its Effects: I help individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of PTSD and complex trauma, including how these conditions affect their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By exploring the root causes and manifestations of their trauma, individuals can begin to make sense of their experiences and their impact.

  • Developing Coping Strategies: I offer practical tools and techniques to manage symptoms of PTSD and complex trauma. This may include mindfulness practices, grounding techniques, and stress management strategies to help individuals reduce anxiety, manage flashbacks, and regain control over their emotional responses.

  • Rebuilding Safety and Trust: I assist individuals in rebuilding a sense of safety and trust, both within themselves and in their relationships. By addressing feelings of vulnerability and working on self-compassion and resilience, individuals can start to heal and develop healthier, more trusting relationships.

  • Therapeutic Techniques: I utilize evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and trauma-informed care to effectively address and process traumatic memories. These techniques help individuals reframe their experiences and reduce the emotional intensity associated with traumatic events.

How I Work:

  • Empathy and Non-Judgmental Support: I provide a compassionate and non-judgmental space where individuals feel safe to share their trauma and its effects. Through active listening and empathetic support, I ensure that individuals feel understood and validated in their experiences.

  • Individualized Treatment Plans: I tailor my counselling approach to the unique needs and circumstances of each individual. By developing personalized treatment plans that incorporate a variety of therapeutic techniques, I ensure that the support provided is both relevant and effective for each person’s healing journey.

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